Posted by: bunny0288 | May 4, 2011

Friendship Reunion :)

I spent the last 2 days at my parents house because my best friend from high school is home for a couple of weeks. She lives in Chicago and is getting her masters in social work. I’ve missed her so much, and it was a lot of fun to have a sleepover, again. I thought my fun girly sleepover days were over when I said, “I do.” Luckily, my wonderful husband is willing to lend me out every once in a while. šŸ™‚

It was so weird to have a sleepover at my parents house. I felt like a kid all over again. I think it’s healthy to do stuff like that from time to time. I can’t wait to have kids, so I can play with them. I especially want a baby girl to play barbies with lol. I just can’t wait to do all the stuff with my kids that I loved doing when I was a kid. I want to take my kids camping, to the beach, to the park, and especially the swimming pool.

I’ve been in such a good mood, lately. God has given me such peace about having children. I know it will happen, and in the meantime, I’m really enjoying my life. I have wonderful friendships, a fantastic husband, and we’re about to move into a wonderful apartment. We are so blessed! Are there things I would like? Of course. I am human after all, but God is meeting all of our needs, which is absolutely amazing!

Oh yeah, and my family found out we’re TTC. While home, I went w/ my parents and my friend to my sister’s house. She is married and has 3 kids. We were all upstairs playing w/ the munchkins when my sister started talking about getting rid of some of her baby stuff. I froze and gave my best friend a “look.” My sister saw it, and she looked at me and said, “Are you pregnant.” I said no, but she narrowed her eyes and looked at me again and said, “You’re trying to have a baby, aren’t you.”

Jonathan and I had discussed that if my family point blank asked me, I would tell them the truth. So, now they know. My sister knows me too well, lol. I told Jonathan they would find out. My family is so close, and we know each other too well, lol šŸ™‚

Well, I guess that’s all for now! Please comment!!! I would love hearing from you guys. šŸ™‚

Posted by: bunny0288 | May 1, 2011

Home Birth

I’m so sorry that I have been neglecting this lovely blog, but I’ve been incredibly busy this week. I am sorry to say that I did not get pregnant this month. It was extremely disappointing, and I actually cried quite a bit last night. However, I have cried out my frustrations and prayed a lot about it, and I am feeling so much better! I am looking forward to trying some new stuff this month, and I bought two new sexy night gowns to assist in the baby-making process šŸ˜‰

I have an incredibly long cycle, so I have nothing to do for two weeks but twiddle my thumbs and wait for my super fertile third week of my cycle. To pass the time, I have been doing a TON of research about home birth, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, co-sleeping, cloth-diapering, etc. My amazingly wonderful husband, Jonathan, and I have been talking a lot about how we want to parent. I think before having children is a great time to discuss all of this stuff. I have been so relieved to find out that we really are on the same page on most aspects of parenting.

I have already decided to have a home birth as long as I am considered a low-risk pregnancy.
I want to give birth as naturally as possible and a national C-section rate of 31.8% as of 2007 has definitely made me wary of hospital births. In 1965, the national average of C-sections was 4.5% (

The increase in UNNECESSARY medical interventions is the main reason the number of c-sections has continued to rise. Don’t misunderstand, I think there are time when a c-section is necessary, but I also think a lot of them CAN be avoided by avoiding medical intervention unless absolutely necessary. You better believe I will do whatever it takes if a life-threatening situation emerges, but even doctors will agree that statistically that is the minority of pregnancy.

With that being said, I am so happy that my husband supports my decision to home birth with a midwife. He is also completely open to however long or short I want to breastfeed (12-18months probably). I just feel so blessed to have a partner that is so supportive of what I want to do. I’m still not sure how I feel about attachment parenting. I think there are a lot of positive aspects, but I also feel like it can be stretched out too far. What do you guys think about attachment parenting, home birth, breastfeeding, etc?

Posted by: bunny0288 | April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

CHRIST IS RISEN!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!

Still playing the waiting game, but I don’t think it happened this month. Rather than whine more, I’ll tell you about my super fun Easter w/ Jonathan’s family.

Jonathan is the oldest of 10 kids. That’s right, you heard me correctly, 10!!! Two of his sisters are married and they each have a baby. So including his parents, there are 15 adults (well his youngest brother is 12, so I use the word adults loosely) and 2 babies in the family! We all got together for an Easter potluck w/ burgers and brats and a million sides. It was so much fun! We watched Hoodwinked and Scooby Doo 2, talked, danced, and played Phase 10. It was perfectly lovely šŸ™‚ I also did really well on not over-eating. I’ve lost 8 lbs so far this month!

I want to take a moment and give a shout out to my little sister, Amanda!!! She got engaged today!!!!!!! She met her fiance in 8-9th grade, and they’ve been dating for almost 4 years!!! They’re getting married next summer, so I’m sooooo excited for her! šŸ™‚

Oh yeah, and yesterday, Jonathan, his little sister, and I all went to a thrift store. I found roller blades for $3! I’m so excited to try them out this week šŸ™‚ Who knows, maybe I’ll drop a full size or 2 by June!

Well, I’m feeling quite exhausted. We rented Life As We Know It, which I’ve been dying to see, so I’ll let you guys go and talk to you soon!

Posted by: bunny0288 | April 23, 2011

Big Fat Negative :(

So I’m 10dpo, today, and I decided to take a pregnancy test this morning. And yes, I know it’s early, but I’ve been having so many “symptoms” plus peer pressure from the TTC website I belong to:

Anyways, so I got up this morning and I decided if my temperature was still in the high range I would take a test. It was, so I peed on a stick. I watched the window intently and I immediately saw 2 lines! I started shaking as I stared at the window. The control line changed from white to pink, but the pregnant line stayed white. I stared at it and stared at it, trying to see if it really was a white line, or if it was light pink. I finally decided that it is definitely white, so I did some research. Basically, I found out that it was an evaporation line, which means it’s negative. I even broke open the test and looked inside, and it was clearly a big fat negative.

Ugh… I’m soooo disappointed. And all I want is queso and a margarita!!!!!!!!!! Grrrr… well anyways, I’ll keep u posted if anything changes, but I doubt it. Blah.

Posted by: bunny0288 | April 22, 2011

I hate the TWW!!!!!!!!!!

I’m 9 days past ovulation, today, and I’m DYING!!!!! Ok that was a little dramatic, but still! I wanna know, already. I’m starting to annoy you, aren’t I. I’m sounding like a broken record, right? All I have to say is just wait until you are in the TWW. You’ll see. It drives all of us, nuts. Especially, the women w/out jobs! Doing housework doesn’t take a lot of thinking, so I am free to obsess while washing dishes, doing the laundry, etc.

Okay, well enough of a rant… Easter!!!! Jon and I are going to Jonathan’s sister and her husband’s house for a lovely Easter barbeque šŸ™‚ I have volunteered to make my mother’s extremely delicious apple pie. I just wish I could find out if I was pregnant so I could share the good news while the entire family is together! Maybe I’ll take a test that morning… It’s a little early, but…. NO! I have to be strong and resist the temptation!!!! I swear the pregnancy test companies have demons working for them. They are very specific demons that only tempt you to pee on very expensive sticks!!!!!!!

I digress… Easter. Yay! Fun fun fun… unfortunately, DH’s family doesn’t do the Easter bunny or Santa Clause. I get it, Christmas and Easter is about Jesus. I totally agree, but I still want my kids to experience the fun part of Easter. I may not do the Easter bunny, but I will hide eggs filled with candy for them to find šŸ™‚ I think there’s a compromise here. And I’ll tell them that Santa gives them presents to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. That’s what my parents did, and it didn’t scar me for life or make me not believe in Jesus.

I dunno, different upbringings, I guess. Oooo, I really want a cadbury egg. Yummm….. I wonder if I could ask Jon to get me one…..

Oh yeah, really funny story. Last night, Jon and I were being silly, and we actually broke our bed. Well, not the actual bed. We have our bed on risers to store crap underneath it. One of the risers broke. We were too tired to do anything about it, so we slept at a slant all night. I was on the high end, so I’m sure I rolled into Jon all night long lol. Poor baby!

Posted by: bunny0288 | April 20, 2011

Feeling a little queasy…

Well I’ve been feeling quite queasy for most of the day, but I have promised not to get my hopes up. I am going to assume it’s from a stomach bug or eating pizza after being super healthy for a few weeks. But I just feel sooooo blah! It’s awful. My super sweet amazing husband went to the store and picked up dinner for me and has volunteered to make it! *Round of applause for my very own knight in shining armor* hehe šŸ™‚

So yeah, today has been pretty boring. I mostly watched an old lifetime movie and home birth videos on youtube, today. Blah. I washed some dishes and put some clothes in the dryer. But overall it’s been a pretty lazy day. My hubby is home from work, so I’m sure the end of my day will be a lot more interesting šŸ™‚

Oh yeah, I also saw the newest episode of glee. That show is sooooo funny! I love the legion of doom lol! If you do not watch Glee, you should! Especially if you like pop culture stuff. Awesome! Okay, well today has been pretty dull.

Oh and an update, my TTC buddy turned out not to be pregnant šŸ˜¦ I’m sad for her, but she seems very optimistic about next month. Toodles for now!

Posted by: bunny0288 | April 19, 2011

Baby dream!

So last night I had a dream that I gave birth to a baby girl! I hated my midwives because they were really mean, but I finally allowed them to help me. I wasn’t at home, I was at a birth center that was horrible. No privacy at all!!! Anyways, it was really weird. Once the baby came out, it looked just like my husband’s side of the family! All of them have long torsos and long oval faces and so did the baby! She was very cute. I was sad to wake up and realize it was only a dream.

We spent the weekend w/ my parents, which was fun, and Saturday I got to bounce in a giant bounce house at my nephew’s 4th birthday party. He’s soooo cute! He kept coming up to me saying, “Will you please bounce with me Aunt Sara. Please!!!” How do you say no to that??? Of course I couldn’t, and I ended up getting motion sickness! I think that’s when you know you’re getting old. Bouncing made me almost puke. Then my twin niece and nephew (almost 2 years old) started playing in water and got drenched/were freezing, so I helped my sister change them into nice warm clothes lol. They were soooo funny! After I got my niece dressed and warmed up. she looked at me and said, “Outside!” Lol, that word makes up half her vocabulary lol. She always wants to go outside.

I love babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, today my sis in law is coming over to hang out. We’ll probably watch Dexter together since i got the DVD from netflix. It should be fun. I also need to catch up on folding laundry. It’s never-ending, I swear. Oh, my good friend Caeti got engaged over the weekend! I’m sooo excited to finally have a married friend šŸ™‚ I’m her matron of honor and her wedding is probably going to be in December, so if I did get pregnant this month I will be almost 9 months pregnant for her wedding!

I’m officially 6dpo, and I’m going to test April 29th if AF hasn’t arrived (AF due on the 26th)

I really want to be pregnant already, but if I’m not it’s ok. It might be nice to have a little spring 2012 baby šŸ™‚

Posted by: bunny0288 | April 15, 2011

Feeling a little down

I’m in a weird mood, guys.

I write on an online TTC forum, and I have a TTC buddy. She lives in the UK and she’s sooo sweet and encouraging. Well, she just got a faint positive on a preg test. It’s not for sure, but she most likely is pregnant. I’m soooo happy for her, but I’m also slightly upset because I want to be pregnant soooo badly! I have such an irrational fear that I’m infertile. I know we haven’t been trying that long, but it’s just hard. I have officially ovulated, which is good. I’m trying not to have my hopes up, though. I tend to get really emotional when AF comes šŸ˜¦

Anyways, I just wanted to share that I’m feeling kind of down/discouraged, so please pray for me. I have a weird feeling that I’m going to get pregnant in August, and right now that seems soooo far away. I am aching for a baby. I can not wait to be pregnant and hold that tiny baby in my arms. Until that happens, I think I’ll have mixed emotions when anyone I know get’s pregnant/has a baby.

I’m at my parents house right now. I’m looking forward to my nephew’s bday party, tomorrow. DH, my little sister, and I got him an inflatable splash pool, a snorkel/mask, water wings, a cool sprinkler toy that shoots water up, and a pool noodle. He is set for summer šŸ™‚ My older sister (nephew’s mom) said there’s going to be a bounce house at the party, which is going to be awesome. Hopefully being around family will raise my spirits, some.

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Why we’re not telling my family…

I should be getting housework, done, but instead I’ve watched Glee Season 2. All day long. It’s pathetic, really. When did I stop having a life??? *sigh* oh well, Jon’s getting home in a couple of hours, and Bible study is tonight šŸ™‚ I’m sooo excited that my friend Jessica is going to be there, tonight. She’s so much fun! We’re the troublemakers in our Bible study, but at least we have fun!

See, God created humor/fun, so I try to take advantage of that fact as much as I possibly can. šŸ™‚ I love to be silly and ridiculous. Fortunately, Jonathan indulges my goofiness and sometimes even plays along!

I’m really excited about tomorrow cuz Jessica and I are going to hang out and have a girls afternoon. After that, Jon and I are leaving to spend the weekend w/ my parents. Our nephew, Ethan’s birthday party is on Saturday. He’s turning 4!!! I can’t believe how big he’s getting! *sniff* I remember the night he was born….

Anyways, so we have a super busy weekend. And, my little sister is also spending the weekend at my parent’s house, so I’ll get to hang out w/ her. She goes to A&M, so we don’t get to hang out as much as I’d like.

I’m pretty sure I FINALLY ovulated yesterday, so now comes the worst part of the entire month. The dreaded TWO WEEK WAIT. It’s the 2 weeks between ovulation and when you’re supposed to get your period/find out you’re pregnant. It’s two intense weeks of over-analyzing every single feeling and getting your hopes up. I tend to spend the two weeks picking out baby names and mentally decorating the nursery. You guys are going to have sooo much fun making fun of me!!!! Ugh. I really hope I get pregnant this month. I can not keep my own secrets. It’s ridiculous. Anyone else, sure, but my own. Ugh.

I guess I should share why we’re not telling my family (except my little sister). My family has already lectured us before we were even trying about not having babies, yet. For whatever reason, the Lord has put it on our hearts now to start trying. I am not in the mood for a lecture. We can afford a baby, and we both would like to have our kids young. Plus, we trust that if God gives us a baby, He will provide and help us take care of it. Basically, I don’t want another lecture from my parents or my older sister, so we’re keeping it hush hush till I’m already preggers. They can’t say anything, then! hehe šŸ˜‰

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My Love Language

So my hubby woke me up by not turning his alarm off this morning, so now I’m up for the day. It’s for the best, though, because otherwise I sleep in way too late. Can I just gush for a moment about how awesome my amazing husband is? I take your silence to mean Yes!

My hubby is soooo sweet! He took me out to dinner last night because he knew how stressed I have been feeling, lately. He’s so sweet and considerate of me. This weekend, we went camping for our friend Courtney’s birthday. OnĀ  the trip Jonathan told me that he thought my love language was quality time instead of physical touch like I used to think it was. After taking a quiz and really think about it, I realize he’s right! I really desire his undivided attention. So, he took me out to dinner in order to try to give me more quality time! Isn’t that sweet???!!!

For those of you that don’t know about the love languages… They’re based on a book The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. The 5 love languages are:

Words of Affirmation

Quality Time

Physical Touch

Acts of Service

Gift Receiving

You really should all go out and read that book. It is amazing, and it works for any relationship, not just romantic ones.

I’m so glad we figured out that we had it wrong. Also, it makes sense why I hate when Jon works from home. He’s home, but he’s not giving me undivided attention lol šŸ™‚ It drives me nuts! Anyways, Jonathan’s love language is Words of Affirmation.

Let me know what yours is by leaving a comment!

Oh yeah, and in TTC news: I’m on CD 25 and my temperature still hasn’t gone up to indicate ovulation. This cycle is going to be soooo long! šŸ˜¦ If I get pregnant this cycle, that’s fine, but I probably won’t which means it’s that much longer until I get to try again! Ugh.


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